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    Frenchville Football Program Born 2012-2013 Registration Form

    Please confirm your consent to the following, you give your consent to your child participating in the following media events:
    * Team Photos
    * Individual and Group Action Photos for purchase
    * Individual photos for publication - including, but not limited to, Newspaper, TV, Facebook, Frenchville Sports Club
    * May be interviewed in the presences of a team official

    Please note:
    Every effort will be taken to fulfil your expressed wishes, however, should a third part beyond the effective control and without the knowledge of (a) the team management, (b) the Frenchville Sports Club Ltd (c) the officiating body, acts outside of your expressed wishes, neither any member of the team management nor the Frenchville Sports Club Ltd can be held responsible. It should also be noted that the media (including press / tv) might be invited by the Football Federation Australian Ltd or one of its affiliates to use both action shots and action footage of the events proceedings for promotional purposes. In any official event apart from the team photo, every effort will be taken to protect the athlete's identity should they become exposes.