Fitzroy River Barra Bash 2019

Bought to you by Frenchville Sports Club


24 – 26 May 2019

Frenchville Sports Club is one of Central Queensland’s largest and most well-known community Clubs. With a long, extensive and proud history of promoting sporting and leisure activities throughout the community. Frenchville Sports Club acknowledges the opportunity exists with the new Net Free Zones within the Fitzroy River and will now help create an event that looks to create increased tourism for the region and encourages the community to participate in fishing and uphold a sustainable fishing format. With the above in mind we would like to introduce you to the 2019 Fitzroy River Barra Bash.


We are excited to announce that spots filled quickly for the 2018 Barra Bash, and we will be opening nominations for 2019 very soon. 

We have started a new Facebook page: for the comp so jump on and follow this page for further information as we near the 2019 event. Nomination forms may be emailed to, however, payment must be made through the Club Reception.


All teams must present a copy of their current comprehensive Boat Insurance Policy by Friday 1 June 2018, either in person with their registration, or via email to Any team unable to present a copy of their comprehensive Boat Insurance Policy will forfeit their nomination fee.



If you are interested in Sponsoring the 2019  Frenchville Sports Club Barra Bash contact the Frenchville Sports Club.