Frenchville Community Grants

Being a regional club at the heart of the community, the Frenchville Sports Club considers all requests submitted for financial or in-kind support. The Club attempts to extend their support levels to a range of applicants including local business, charities, individuals, community groups and sporting groups.

The club operates a rolling application year, with the public able to submit an application for support at any time through the club’s Website. The process involves a written letter to the Board addressing the following areas;

  1. Cause Requiring Support
  2. Amount / Resources Required (financial and in-kind)
  3. Anticipated Cause or Benefit to the Local Community
  4. Anticipated return contribution to the Frenchville Sports Club or sporting community (e.g. increased membership, functions or events, exposure)
  5. Timeframes
  6. Key Contacts

The Board will assess each application for support individually at the monthly Board meeting and respond in writing of the outcome. Key criteria that applications must meet in order to be successful include;

  • Will a significant portion of the local community benefit from this initiative?
  • Does this initiative support the club’s core values of community, sport and growth?
  • Does this initiative support the short, medium or long term goals of the club?
  • Can the club render support with existing resources?